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Become a Model National Medspa Training Institute

Be Our Aesthetic Training Model

This could be great for you if you would like to try an aesthetic procedure but can’t find an affordable clinic and you’re enjoying the benefits of these procedures and would like a discount on your treatment.

What To Expect During Your Model Appointment

The National Training Medspa Institute trains students in treatment applications for medical spas and clinics. As a model, you work with our students who have completed their classroom training and are practicing what they learned. They provide you with aesthetic treatments at discounted rates. Our students assess the models and determine a treatment plan to achieve their aesthetic goals.

Models receive 50% Off
Our students are always looking for models to work with

Each session lasts about an hour with direct supervision by our students

Register For Our Model Program

If you’re interested in being a model for one of our classes, click below to apply to be a model and schedule.

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